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Proper Care of Pearls… Continued

*** Cleanliness Is Next To Goodliness! Surprisingly enough, it’s the “small stuff” … the incidental minutia that you quite probably may never even stop to consider, that actually has the most likely chance of ever doing damage to your pearls. Fortunately, we can now discuss these matters and make sure that you are now fully prepared to deal with them. As mentioned before, pearls are “organic gemstones” and so therefore … while they are ever so much tougher than they appear, due to the feminine elegance and beauty of their being, their organic “make-up” means that they are naturally vulnerable to just that … “Make-Up!”

Between the vast and various plethora of problematic chemicals, acids, alkalines and alcohols that are found in the cornucopia of beauty products, cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes, etc. your pearls are vulnerable to slowly being eaten away by the very products that most women wear … even by the more expensive versions dedicated to trying to make themselves look like they aren’t wearing any products at all.

The tricky fact is, not only does antiperspirant and deodorant damage your pearls luster and organically protective finish … but believe it or not … and trust me, I totally agree with you that this simply seems illogically & unjustly unfair … so does perspiration.

Solution: Make sure that you jewelry is the very last thing that you put on, after all of the vast and various other preparations, lotions, spritzes, powders, talcums, foundations, polishes, make-up, styling gels, hairspray, oil essences, perfumes have been sprayed, applied, rubbed in and settled, etc.

Then wash completely with a mild, natural soap and be sure to dry completely because as strange as it may sound, something so beautiful that grew up in the ocean, is actually negatively affected and potentially damaged by humidity!


*** Keep Your Pearls On Their Strict Diet Of NO Food & / Or Beverages! Pretty much all food and drink is completely off-limits to your pearl jewelry, so be very careful when you are dining or celebrating at a party. The list is practically endless. so I could waste both of our times by mentioning specific food items such as barbecue sauce, vinaigrette, peanut butter, chocolate, alcohol, oranges, sugar, oil, mustard, pineapple, ketchup … let’s just make this really simple and say “if it’s food or drink … your pearls REALLY don’t need or want it.”


*** Pearls Are Really HOT – Except When They’re Really HOT! Extreme heat and direct sunlight are both aggressive pearl jewelry killers and they can quickly, effectively and most assuredly “wreak absolute havoc” on even the very finest, artisan crafted, premium quality pearl jewelry!  Therefore BOTH should be avoid whenever possible. That includes everything from looking utterly elegant while enjoying the steam baths and saunas or ensuring that you are always ready for the surprise photo-ops that tend to come up when you are out sunbathing in Saint Tropez or fashionably prancing through the Sahara Dessert in style with your finest regalia.

More to come…