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Proper Care of Pearls… Part 3

*** Putting Your Babies To Bed! Just like children, pearls need to be properly put to bed if you want them to enjoy a long, wondrously awesome lifetime. Luckily properly putting your pearls to bed is a LOT simpler than getting kids in to bed and willing to stay in bed and go to sleep.

Reading your pearls a “Bed-Time Story” is totally optional and completely up to you … however the rest of this significantly important storage regime is NOT!

Proper Care of Pearls… Continued

*** Cleanliness Is Next To Goodliness! Surprisingly enough, it’s the “small stuff” … the incidental minutia that you quite probably may never even stop to consider, that actually has the most likely chance of ever doing damage to your pearls. Fortunately, we can now discuss these matters and make sure that you are now fully prepared to deal with them. As mentioned before, pearls are “organic gemstones” and so therefore … while they are ever so much tougher than they appear,

The Importance Of Proper Care For And Protection Of Your Pearl Jewelry!

When it comes to purchasing something as preciously valuable as heirloom quality pearl jewelry, most people are willing to take the extra time to thoroughly absorb the articles, blog posts and social media commentary offered up by experts.

However, for some extremely strange reason, when it comes to actually caring for those very same “personal treasures”, the same enthusiastic attention to detail and caution isn’t anywhere to be found.

The truth of the matter is,