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For Weddings & Proms To Debutante Balls & Quinceaneras – Pearls Are Still #1!

Over the years and decades, fashions and trends come and go, but there is something uniquely “outside of time” about the brilliantly gorgeous, yet simple, pure traditional elegance of pearls!

Thus, when it comes to those very special “Memory Making Moments” in life, when the “perfect” choices regarding the exact jewelry to most effectively accentuate that beautiful gown, be it designed for your very special, once in a life-time Wedding, Prom, Debutante Ball or Quinceanera … nothing equals or outshines the traditional allure of pearls.

Why The Timeless Tradition of Giving Pearls On Mother’s Day?

While pretty much everyone knows that giving Mom, as well as the Mother of your children; beautiful Pearls to express your genuine love and appreciation on Mother’s Day… is as traditional as a decorated tree on Christmas, festive lights on Hanukkah and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, most people these days don’t actually know “WHY?”

Also, unlike most seasonal and holiday traditions, the giving of pearl jewelry on Mother’s Day doesn’t seem to have a specific geographical or cultural origin,