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Today’s Fashion & Style Trends: High Fashion Designers Are Going Loopy For Hoops!

Pearl Hoop EarringsTahitian Pearl Hoop Earrings

Anyone who’s been in this business long enough, eventually begins to develops a clear “Experienced / Intuitive” perspective of the over-all “process of progress” that “Chic Couture Culture” flows through in seasonally determining “What’s Haute & what’s Naught!”

This places one in a position to be able to quickly recognize … and over time … come to predict what and when the world of Fashion will eventually “tend to trend” in cycles … which inevitably tend to lend itself to “re-cycles.”

This actually a wonderful thing about Fashionistas’ willingness to return again to the very best “LOOKS” that “Style Smart Stylists” wisely bring back with some of the time tested,

Pearl vs. Diamond Earrings: Which is More Elegant

Sophisticated, and timeless, you can’t go wrong with pearls or diamonds no matter how you wear them. But which one creates the ultimate vision of elegance? The following quick guide will help you to understand the different attributes of each gem, and determine which is best fitted for your elegant occasions.

Pearl Earrings
How A Pearl is Formed

Traditionally a symbol of beauty and purity, pearls come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.