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Proper Care of Pearls… Part 3

*** Putting Your Babies To Bed! Just like children, pearls need to be properly put to bed if you want them to enjoy a long, wondrously awesome lifetime. Luckily properly putting your pearls to bed is a LOT simpler than getting kids in to bed and willing to stay in bed and go to sleep.

Reading your pearls a “Bed-Time Story” is totally optional and completely up to you … however the rest of this significantly important storage regime is NOT!

Proper Care of Pearls… Continued

*** Cleanliness Is Next To Goodliness! Surprisingly enough, it’s the “small stuff” … the incidental minutia that you quite probably may never even stop to consider, that actually has the most likely chance of ever doing damage to your pearls. Fortunately, we can now discuss these matters and make sure that you are now fully prepared to deal with them. As mentioned before, pearls are “organic gemstones” and so therefore … while they are ever so much tougher than they appear,

The Importance Of Proper Care For And Protection Of Your Pearl Jewelry!

When it comes to purchasing something as preciously valuable as heirloom quality pearl jewelry, most people are willing to take the extra time to thoroughly absorb the articles, blog posts and social media commentary offered up by experts.

However, for some extremely strange reason, when it comes to actually caring for those very same “personal treasures”, the same enthusiastic attention to detail and caution isn’t anywhere to be found.

The truth of the matter is,

South Sea Pearls – Bigger Truly IS Better When You Back Your Size Up With Superior Quality!

Rule #1 in our most established, long-standing Fashion Tradition, especially when it comes to accessories like jewelry is … “Bigger Is most definitely NOT Better!

In the same way that the flashiest colors have nothing to do with achieving the pinnacle of artistic expression and presentation and the loudest screamer never proves to be the most influential speaker and one can be rest assured that the bawdiest and brashest, busiest, booming, “Bang for your buck” seasonings will never meet the refining qualities necessary to bring out the true inner flavor of the finest gourmet meal … BIG,

Akoya Pearls: Ascending Once Again To Their Rightful Reign Of Royal Regalia

Fashion trends continually flux and fizzle, come and go, rise and fall, ebb and flow … after all, that’s precisely what the definition of a trend is … but thankfully and predictably, genuine class, inherent elegance and timelessly traditional beauty are forever … and that stands eternally true with regards to the beloved and treasure Akoya Pearl and the heirloom quality jewelry that is meticulously craft with them supreme gems of the sea!

For Weddings & Proms To Debutante Balls & Quinceaneras – Pearls Are Still #1!

Over the years and decades, fashions and trends come and go, but there is something uniquely “outside of time” about the brilliantly gorgeous, yet simple, pure traditional elegance of pearls!

Thus, when it comes to those very special “Memory Making Moments” in life, when the “perfect” choices regarding the exact jewelry to most effectively accentuate that beautiful gown, be it designed for your very special, once in a life-time Wedding, Prom, Debutante Ball or Quinceanera … nothing equals or outshines the traditional allure of pearls.

Why The Timeless Tradition of Giving Pearls On Mother’s Day?

While pretty much everyone knows that giving Mom, as well as the Mother of your children; beautiful Pearls to express your genuine love and appreciation on Mother’s Day… is as traditional as a decorated tree on Christmas, festive lights on Hanukkah and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, most people these days don’t actually know “WHY?”

Also, unlike most seasonal and holiday traditions, the giving of pearl jewelry on Mother’s Day doesn’t seem to have a specific geographical or cultural origin,

So What’s So Special About Vivid, Natural Metallic Colored, Freshwater Pearls?

OK so … sure, it’s always nice to be riding high atop the peak of a Fashion Forward Trending Style … but where exactly is it, that we wisely draw the line between simply blindly following the crowd over the “Couture Cliff” like a lemming … and actually looking great while still thoroughly LOVING how I look?

Great Question and I’m so very glad that you asked it.

Answer: Fashion is ONLY as relevant,

Today’s Fashion & Style Trends: High Fashion Designers Are Going Loopy For Hoops!

Pearl Hoop EarringsTahitian Pearl Hoop Earrings

Anyone who’s been in this business long enough, eventually begins to develops a clear “Experienced / Intuitive” perspective of the over-all “process of progress” that “Chic Couture Culture” flows through in seasonally determining “What’s Haute & what’s Naught!”

This places one in a position to be able to quickly recognize … and over time … come to predict what and when the world of Fashion will eventually “tend to trend” in cycles … which inevitably tend to lend itself to “re-cycles.”

This actually a wonderful thing about Fashionistas’ willingness to return again to the very best “LOOKS” that “Style Smart Stylists” wisely bring back with some of the time tested,

Pearl vs. Diamond Earrings: Which is More Elegant

Sophisticated, and timeless, you can’t go wrong with pearls or diamonds no matter how you wear them. But which one creates the ultimate vision of elegance? The following quick guide will help you to understand the different attributes of each gem, and determine which is best fitted for your elegant occasions.

Pearl Earrings
How A Pearl is Formed

Traditionally a symbol of beauty and purity, pearls come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.